Dementi A Progressive Disease That Damages Brain

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Dementia is a progressive disease that damages brain cells, wipes out memories, and changes the way a human being understands and functions in the world(Colistoga Press, 2013). When someone is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimers, it will change their entire life and their family. When diagnosed early, the patient can help plan their care while they have the ability to do so. The family also has time to plan care for their loved one and research the best option of care for them as they progress in their disease. Although there is not a single test that diagnosis dementia, your healthcare physician can make the diagnosis according to several exams, tests, and review of symptoms. Each person with dementia is different and it affects them differently, and they need to be treated so. It is important to study from the perspective of the family and person who is struggling with dementia." There is no 'one size fits all ' when you are dealing with a person who has dementia" (Rubinstein, N., 2011). They are unique, and the person you are dealing with is one of a kind, and their relationship with their family is one of a kind, so each person diagnosed with dementia will respond differently to treatment and care. Although dementia does not discriminate, it is found more common in women than in men. It is found mostly in the older population and is rare in younger people. It is a decline in cognitive function usually beginning with memory. It is a progressive and chronic disease.
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