Essay on Dementia: Alzheimer's Disease and Person

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Imagine waking up and not knowing the person lying next to you. Imagine waking up and not knowing your own name, your birthday, or you age. Imagine having to look at your family and ask them who they are, or be reminded by flipping through a photo album. Imagine going for an evening stroll and getting lost, even though you are only a block away from your house. Imagine seeing your loved one not remember you. Imagine visiting them as often as you can, and every time having to remind them who you are, and how you affected their life. This is known as a disease call dementia. Dementia disease is very hard for the patient themselves, but often times harder for the family. Alzheimer disease is a form of dementia, and makes daily living very…show more content…
They can walk into traffic or into a nearby river, lake, ocean, or forest. If they are not dressed properly, heat or cold exposure is a risk. Wandering may have no cause. Or the person may be looking for something. Pain, drug side-effects, stress, restlessness, and anxiety are possible causes. Finding the cause may prevent wandering. There are special programs for at home care that can help return the patient if they happen to wander. It is important for those who choose to live at home use programs like this, to ensure that your loved one will be back at home with you. Catastrophic Reactions are extreme responses. The person reacts as if there is a disaster or tragedy. The person may scream, cry, or be agitated or combative. These reactions are common from too many stimuli. Eating, music or TV playing, and being asked questions all at once can overwhelm the person. Persons with Alzheimer’s have communication problems. At first, it is hard to find the right words. As it progress the person speaks in short sentences or in words. Often speech is not understandable. The person screams to communicate. It is common in persons who are very confused and have poor communication skills. The person may scream a word or a name. Or the person just makes screaming sounds. Possible causes include hearing and vision problems, pain or discomfort, fear and fatigue. Too much or not enough stimulation is another cause. The person may react to a caregiver or family member by
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