Dementia And Alzheimer 's Dementia

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Dementia and Alzheimer 's

Dementia and Alzheimer’s was discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimer. He discovered both of them,

dementia is like Alzheimer’s just not as severe. Dementia has several different types, these include

Alzheimer 's disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia and Front temporal dementia. The first

changes you notice with dementia is Cognitive changes. These include memory loss, difficulty

communicating or finding words, difficulty with complex tasks, difficulty with planning and organizing,

difficulty with coordination and motor functions, and problems with disorientation, such as getting lost.

Other changes are Psychological changes. These include personality changes, inability to reason,

inappropriate behavior, paranoia, agitation and hallucinations. Dementia affects many areas of the brain,

it also involves damage to the nerve cells in the brain.

Dementia has many different risk factors, these are risk factors that can 't be changed is your age and

family history. When you are about the age of 65 you become more at risk of having Alzheimer 's and

Vascular dementia. You also can 't change your family history, if your family has dementia you are at

greater risk of getting it. Risk factors that you can change is heavy alcohol use and atherosclerosis. If you

consume a large amount of alcohol that can lead to having a greater risk of dementia. Atherosclerosis is a

buildup of fats and other substances in and on your artery walls.
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