Dementia Caregiving Experiences

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Title- Dementia Caregiving experiences : The impact of negative caregiving experiences on Care recipient’s Mental and Physical health. Introduction With advancing age dependency increases and family is the primary contact an individual turn to for assistance.It is reported that 36 million adults provide care to a family member aged 65 or older. (National Alliance for Caregiving, 2009).Similarly, the family members will also have higher degree of involvement in caregiving for an individual in later years and it’s degree of caregiving totally depends on the need of care recipients.Family caregiver role is not an easy task as it brings responsibility and dedication which requires a great amount of energy and time. There are about 5.3 million people with Alzheimers disease which is the most common form of dementia and it is predicted to increase as boomers generation enter old age (Tremont,2011).In U.S. about 14.9 million family caregivers are providing care for someone with Dementia (Alzheimer’s association,2011).Mostly, older adults with dementia receive care from their spouse but when the spouse are not available the caregiving task is taken over by adult children,especially daughter (Schulz & Martire, 2004). According to 2003 survey of 227 US dementia caregivers it was found that nearly one quarter provided 40 hours of care or more per week which included personal care such as bathing, feeding, and assisting with toileting (Brodaty & Dunkin, 2009).It is seen that
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