Dementia Case Interview Paper

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This is an 89-year-old, was transferred here from Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina on 01/21, for a multitude of problems including altered mental status. The patient can communicate but not well enough to really give a history. I have obtained all this history from her daughter Cynthia who works here at Mayview. I am told that Mamie was born in Edgecombe County right outside of Tarboro and she lived the majority of her life in those areas of Edgecombe County, Pitt County, and Martin County. She got married at the age of 19, and had 13 children. Three of the oldest children have died. Cynthia lives here in Raleigh and her sister Brenda works in Raleigh, but lives in Clayton. Mamie's husband died of some type of respiratory…show more content…
They give a long list of diagnoses but the most prevalent is the fact that she has a rapidly progressing dementia. Note that she has a rapidly progressing dementia as well as a B12 deficiency. They describe a subdural hematoma in the CT scan reports. The one on 01/03 shows a lot of microvascular changes, a lot of cortical atrophy, and apparently, she had bilateral subdural hematomas that had converted to hygromas, but apparently the larger one on the left side still had some blood in it. When they repeated the CT scan of the head on 01/19, they commented that the hygromas were still present but there was less blood in the larger subdural. She had extensive blood testing, which basically was unremarkable. It did not appear that she had a urinary tract infection. Appears that since she has been here her status has been fairly stable. She was weak, but apparently, underwent physical therapy and made some improvement to where she became ambulatory in her gait. It looked like from the very beginning she was having a day/night confusion, was having a lot of un purposeful movements that might be have been contributed to either delusions or hallucinations. They gave her some Risperdal for the behavioral problems, but according to Cynthia she had taken Risperdal in the past and had an allergic reaction, and today when I have seen the patient there is a marked amount of periorbital edema
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