Dementia Case Study

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The healthcare sector is the companies that provide services relating to medicine or care for people. In my project work, I would like to introduce a change in the XYZ nursing home, it is referred by name XYZ in order to protect the confidentiality of the nursing home. The nursing home offers dedicated dementia and nursing care with 40 well-designed bedrooms surrounded by client's personal belongings.This nursing home holds dementia patients with the inapparent neurological disease.It has a communal area where the people can watch television, sit, read, have their food and socialize with other residents. Apart from that, there is a garden where the residents can walk and get some fresh air. The overall rate for this service is good. On the other hand, I have noticed that the report recommended the provision of activities should be extended.

Dementia is a progressive illness that to date has no cure and currently influences over 35 million people around the world.In other words, this figure is estimated to increase significantly over the next two decades(Alzheimer Europe, 2015). Dementia in older people is associated with impairment of cognitive functions resulting in behavioural problems, depression, disorientation and memory loss. The definition is given by the National Health Service (2011), which states, “dementia is the loss of intellectual functions, particularly memory. It can result to decrease the ability to carry out day to day activities and changes in social behaviour.” There is growing interest in identifying non-pharmacological therapies effective against improving the quality of life with a dementia client group. My objective is to look for the possibilities of music therapy to reduce the effects of dementia, especially behavioural problems.It is a widespread treatment for the healthcare sector and consists of a process in which a music therapist uses music in psychological, psychiatric and physical conditions(Choi AN,2009). Indeed, multidimensional nature of music allows touching physical, psychological, spiritual and social levels of consciousness.Lin et al. (2011) reported that this quality which allows music to reach patients during the isolation of pain or

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