Dementia Interview Paper

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Before you are able to do an activity and get resident to be involved, you must be able to gain trust from them as this will get people to attend your group. In addition, you must choose activities and games relating to one’s level of functioning since you are working with resident who have different severity level of dementia. You must also learn and understand that you must be flexible when facilitating a group as anything can happen. For example, when one resident is not cooperating during a group or making a scene like making a fuss during an activity then you must be able to remove that residents or move onto another activity. ~ Are there any technique you used when leading a group?~ When doing a word game or activity, you must understand that some of the…show more content…
You must get an certification and do more training in order to be certified before working in this industry of being a Therapeutic Recreation Therapist. What is the Job Prospect? Interview a staff: Cho (TMA) What are the pros and cons to working in this type of service? Pros:Happy to be able to help and care for the resident as this make me happy to give service to them. It is important to care for those who aren’t able to care for themselves as i am able to be service for someone who is in need Overall, job satisfaction is the pro to this job. Cons: A con would be that it is sometime hard to work in this type of service when a resident is being mean and difficult to work with. and it is difficult to get a resident For instance, I had to give a resident medication and check up on them. However, the resident was throwing a tantrum at me. Telling me to get out from his room. This is a difficult thing on the job when the resident refuse to receive your care and help as well as not cooperate with you. What education do you need for working as a TMA? You must go through additional training for this position after obtaining your degree in
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