Dementia Solutions

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By 2050, 135 million of the world’s population will suffer from dementia. Dementia is a decline in brain cells, which mostly appear in the elderly. It affects daily life and routine activities, and makes a person’s life worse. Unfortunately, there is no curable treatment for dementia at present. Technologies have been invented for helping dementia sufferers to lead an easier life. Since 2000, there have been various smart technologies (such as reminder clock, movement sensor, environment sensor, etc.). However, the current technology is not enough and is not affordable. There needs to be alternative solutions to help patients and to cure the disease. This essay starts by describing the current problem of dementia then exploring three…show more content…
This lack of knowledge leads to increasing rate of dementia in seniors each year. In the current state, doctors use medicine for either stabilizing the disease or prolonging life of patients but not for permanent treatment. Private home care and nurse are an alternative way to take care the dementia. Nevertheless, the cost of these services are extremely expensive, and are not reasonable for everyone.
Three new solutions are proposed for dementia patients. First, smart house with advanced sensor devices. Second, touchable hologram technology. Third, personal robot nurse. Sensor is not a new technology, however, it is just recently applied with devices to detect a movement and activities of the people. The movement and activities tracking are essential for both dementia and relatives. The relatives will know what dementia is doing in the definite time, and can respond to dementia’ actions instantly in case of unpredictable accident occurs. In the other hand, the patients are alerted and reminded by the sensor when they act something appropriately. For example, the movement sensor will alert when dementia is falling and automatically call to dementia’ family to inform the situation. The smart house helps dementia sufferers to continue their life comfortably, and decrease the anxiousness of the relatives for leaving dementia alone
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The ideal of nursing robot is the performance of acting as similar as the real nurse. In 2015, Robear, the robotic mobility nurse with a bear appearance, was built by a Japanese research group from the institute of Riken. This robot has abilities to lift lied people to a chair by using its mechanical arms, to aid people stand up from a seating by using its hug, to assist people pace by handling people while they are walking, and to transport people to another place by using its platform. These efficacies suit to dementia patients because the difficulty with the movement, which is one of the symptoms of dementia, affects their usual activities. With Robear as a partner, dementia sufferers will be received properly supports, and can keep their routine
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