Essay about Demetrius in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The Importance of Demetrius in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream The character, Demetrius, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream, is very difficult to identify except by his relation to the one he loves, or, more particularly, to the one who loves him. Helena's ridiculous chasing after him and his irritation with her are the primary marks of his character. While in this state, he even begins to threaten Helena with bodily harm, coming off as not quite the gracious courtly lover he truly means to be. It's simple to discover his unchivalrous character by how easily his eye was distracted from Helena by Hermia in the beginning. He could be a gentle, loving man if he truly desired, but he takes satisfaction being put in his…show more content…
And she is mine, and all my right of her I do estate unto Demetrius” (Egeus, 1.1.97-100). He depends on Egeus to display his affection and Egeus concludes by actually enforcing Demetrius' love upon her. Initially in love with Hermia, he uses rudeness to ward off Helena's "spaniel" affection, being very ruthless towards the feelings of Helena: “I'll run from thee and hide me in the brakes And leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts” (Demetrius, 2.1.234-235). He cares nothing even for her life and just absolutely crushes her dear emotions. It always seems that he is usually taking advantage of the situations he is in, like when he tries to pursue Hermia due to Lysander's absence, but uses harsh words. “I had rather give his [Lysander] carcass to my hounds . . . And if I could, what should I get therefor (Demetrius, 3.2.66,80)? A privilege never to see me more. And from thy hated presence part I [so.] See me no more, whether he be dead or no” (Hermia, 3.2.81-83). Demetrius displays his awful characteristics with such demoralizing words and complete disrespect for Lysander. He will desire any hopes of attaining her affection. She scorns him after hearing these words, never wanting him to see her again. Since Demetrius had indeed made some convincing threats of violence against his unwanted love, Hermia automatically
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