Demo Speech Tie Dye Essay

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BreAncia Owens
Ms. Childs Tie Dye Demonstration Speech Outline
Intro to Speech

Purpose: to inform
Specific purpose: to inform my audience on how to tie dye their own clothing

How to be Bold and Vibrant! Creating Your own Tie Dye Fashion

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: A form of fashion that strikes originality from the 50’s! It’s Fun! Loud, and Vibrant! It stands out the most, the ALMIGHTY and WILD, Tie Dye!

B. Purpose Statement: I am here to demonstrate to you all, how you can get out of your comfort zone, get a little FUNKY, and create your own Tie Dye clothing. Stand out and show your own cleverness and brilliance.

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Screw your caps on all bottles, close with the top cap. Step 4. Grab T-shirt, or your choice of white clothing. Damp clothing in cold water. Step 5. Ring out all the water after the entire shirt is completely damp . ( your shirt being damp, will a allow your colors show longer, and stay brighter ) Step 6. At this point you can twist your t-shirt , which ever way you please for the outcome you are for. Step 7. Place rubber bands around your t-shirt, to hold your twisting style in place. Step 8. open and place trash bag on hard counter top. Step 9. Shake your tie dye bottles well, before use. Step 10. Design your t-shirt with the tie dye as desired. GO CRAZY! Step 11. Allow your shirt to sit for as long as you can, ( 7 hours for best results, the longer you allow your dye to sit, you will get a more defined look ) Step 12. After you let the dye sit for as long as you can, rinse clothing well, let air dry.

Transition: Now lets review !

III. Conclusion A. Summary Statement: Now that you know how to make a Tie Dye creation, you must have pacients and take your time. B. Restate Thesis: You must follow the three main steps to create your tie dye creation, for a significant outcome. Get your materials thats needed together, prep your dye and materials as well. And allow your finish product to sit, for it’s best outcome. C. Final Thought: With these simple directions I hope you receive the best Tie Dye
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