Democracy : A Perfect Democracy

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Democracy at its purest form is a system of government, which allows each and every citizen to participate actively and equally in the decisions being made. In a perfect democracy, the decisions made the government are perfect representations of what the people want. In reality, a perfect democracy is nearly impossible, especially when dealing with a population as large as the United States, but there are still techniques and systems that can be implemented into a society in which democracy can be enhanced. One of systems used in the United Sates, which is believed to enhance democracy is the use of a two party system, where two parties, Democrats and Republicans in the case of the United States, dominate politics within government. Each party has its own set of beliefs and agenda, which is called a parties line. A parties line represents a specific ideology and elements specific to the organization. But, voting along party lines in the US congress diminishes democracy because it does not allow for voters to express their individual opinions to the fullest, and it ultimately does not give the best representation of the public opinion because most people to do not have beliefs that perfectly align with just one party. In order to understand how party line voting in the US congress diminishes democracy, it is first necessary to understand the primary roles that political parties serve in a democratic system, and how these roles are negatively affected by party line voting.…

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