Democracy And American Politics : Wealth Vs. Want

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Leslie Mejia
Assignment # 1
Democracy and American Politics. Wealth vs. Want
For better or worse man has no choice but to live in society, but yet to live in society individuals are involved in multiple situations that lead to conflicts and disputes. Democracy is the only viable political framework and satisfactory for a society to move in harmony. Democracy allows us to find additional solutions that reflect the multitude of interests that exist in society. The authors of the books The Struggle for Democracy mention“ Some political thinkers think that democracy is the form of government that best protects human right because it is the only one based on a recognition of the intrinsic worth and equality or human beings.” (4) Democracy is good for the growth of a nation, through democracy people have been able to manifest in a peaceful way their needs, making agreements and disagreements, from my point of view, between this and other facts have led the United States to be a great nation. Democracy is a way to govern the people of a nation where every citizen agrees to the way the government governs the people. In other words, the people is part of the democracy. But, it has been with the help of the important factors that United States has achieve a fair political democracy. Next, you will find the three main features of Representative democracy of United States (Popular Sovereignty, Political Equality and Political Liberty)
Let’s start with Popular Sovereignty, the books
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