Democracy And Politics Of South Korea

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Eunyoung Kang
Akira Ruddle-Miyamoto
POLS 101
5 May 2015

Democracy and Politics in South Korea

Democracy that means the rule of people has been used as a political system since Ancient Greece. Even though its concept has changed as time goes by, it is still regarded as one of the best political systems and used in many countries. Unfortunately, most Asian countries did not use this political system until the middle of the 20th century, so they have a very short history compared with western countries. Because of that, Asia has had some troubles. For example, Park and Shin (2006) said that many countries have had military dictatorship which is a common government for a developing country. A developing country, above all, might want to develop their economy, so they endure dictatorship because the dictator can make a decision easily and quickly (Park, C. D. & Shin, D., 2006). It also happened in South Korea 50 years ago. In spite of military dictatorship in the past, South Korea has the most successfully established democracy in Asia (Whitehead, L., 2002).
There is a special history of democracy in South Korea. Democracy was accepted in 1945 in South Korea because South Korea achieved independence from Japan. Right after independence of Korea from Japan, they were divided into two countries; North and South Korea. South Korea founded and developed a democratic government. However, democracy could not be preserved because a military general, Junghee Park, accomplished the
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