Democracy And The European Union

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Democracy in the European Union is as good as it could be. Nowadays democracy is sometimes assumed like pregnancy, in other words meaning that the democracy should be either present or not. However, there could be more or less democracy. In fact, much depends on what one believes should be in the scope of its definition. Furthermore, democracy is not easy to define as its boundaries are unclear. According to Oxford dictionary, democracy is a system of government in which individuals are involved in the decision-making process about the affairs of the state by means of voting and electing representatives to a parliament. This essay shall start by looking into the routes of democracy in the European Union, then discuss the notion of a…show more content…
This argument is always blended with the issue of democracy, more specifically, democratic deficit. Maurice Duverger defined “democratic deficit”as a combination of the parliament’s lack of legislative power, of the lack of publicity in the actual process of legislation and of the lack of a definite separation between executive and legislative powers. To shed more light on this definition it is necessary to consider the operation and effectiveness of the legislative institutions in the European Union, issue of transparency and the separation of powers within the executive and legislative powers. There is no single body that can be described as the Union’s legislature. Both the Council and the Parliament play significant roles in the process. The European Parliament is frequently accused of democratic deficit. In particular, there are two separate issues to consider: one relates to its composition and another is connected to the engagement of citizens in Parliament. First of all, the European Parliament initially consisted of delegates designated by the Parliaments of Member States, but since 1979, it has been directly elected by the people according to the national electoral system of each Member State. Undoubtedly, that reform helped to overcome the democratic deficit to some extent. Nevertheless, the European Parliament is often criticized of failing to generate much commitment and
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