Democracy And The United States

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Democracy in USA
In the United States we praise democracy and are proud to be a very democratic nation. The United States constitution was the first to demonstrate a formal blueprint for modern democracy in 1788. The democratic system today is still based on the restricted franchise, but the American system today points towards a fully democratic system more than anywhere else in the world. The American democracy mainly arrived from the Britain. It was in 1796 elections when John Adam was elected as the federalist president and Thomas Jefferson was elected the democratic-republican vice president. Than in 1800 Jefferson won the elections, beginning an everlasting democratic-republican rule (History of Democracy: Democratic constitution 1788, 2001).
As said by Friedman, democracy and economic development are reciprocal to one another (Friedman). The more a society is democratic; it will enforce economic rights leading to economic growth. Freidman believed that a democratic government will only reinforce economic development but what disrupts economic development is not democracy but the interference of the government (Freidman, 1962). However, there have been other views laid regarding this, some view the relationship between democracy and economic growth as going towards a single direction, single-directional.
It was after the war of 1812 when the American economy started to grow at an astonishing rate. It was after this war the rate of economic development increased…
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