Democracy : Democracy And Autocracy

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Democracy and Autocracy

Today, 118 of the world 's 193 countries are democratic, encompassing a majority of its people (54.8 percent, to be exact), a vast increase from even a decade ago (Zakaria 23). When we are faced with the term “Democracy”, we think of safety but what people do not understand is that there are two types of democracy and they are completely opposites of each other. The two types of democracies include liberal and illiberal. In the article, Zakaria warns us about the rise of illiberal democracy (the worst possible form of government). From the beginning of time, democracy has meant the rule of the people but when the power gets into the wrong hands and there are no limits on that power, we are faced with illiberal democracy, a form of government growing rapidly as we speak.
The democracy we think when we hear democracy is liberal democracy, a form of democracy with voting and multiparty elections to create opposition. Democracy is considered liberal when there is something that limits the government’s powers like checks and balances and a constitution, which is why liberal democracy has also coined the term “constitutional liberalism”. Since we live in a split society, civil wars are bound to occur at any moment. Once a stronger group is in power, based on human nature, the stronger group will disregard the minority and try to take over completely. Therefore, all the competition created from the…

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