Democracy, Equality, And Equality

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Democracy to me means that everyone gets a fair chance and is able to decide and vote on what they feel is right not only for themselves but for the nation as a whole. Four main values of democracy are liberty, justice, freedom and equality. There must be a balance between liberty and equality so as to maintain order. In an authoritarian state, though there is peace and order, it comes at a cost to citizens because they lose their sense of freedom and are told what to do. There is no sense of liberty and typically one person decides what is fair, just, and equal. Whereas in a democracy, everyone typically has a voice in what happens therefore the outcome is most equal for everyone. When looking at education in a democratic society, it should follow the ideas of democratic equality. The three main forms of democratic equality seen in schools are “the pursuit of citizenship training, of equal treatment, and of equal access” (Labree). If a child is provided with these three things during their education, they will be able to make their own responsible choices as an adult with what path they chose to follow. On page 6 of Labree it says how a “democratic society cannot persist unless it prepares all of the young with equal care to take on the full responsibilities of citizenship in a competent manner.” I believe the purpose of education in a democracy is to allow equal opportunity and access to every student while teaching them how to become responsible citizens within their…
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