Democracy In American Democracy

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American Democracy Democracies have been around for hundreds of years, dating back before the word democracy was created by the ancient Greeks. Democracies give the citizens of the nation power and let them have a say in politics. Also, the people have many freedoms guaranteed to them, unlike other types of government. The people elect local, state, and national government officials. The local government deals with many different issues. State government shares most of its power with the national government. Lastly, the national government oversees all the smaller forms of government in the land. [Thesis] American Democracy fits the definition of democracy because the people are represented fairly through local, state, and national government. To begin, local government acts on behalf on specific areas known as counties, towns, or districts (local government).The people vote on councilmen to represent our county, town, or city. For example, the councilmen vote on and determine how much money our school can spend. They can also enact on our county taxes. Local government cannot pass or enforce laws that might put judgment on a much bigger area other than its own(local government). For example, if the city tax for Opp is nine cents, they cannot impose that same tax on a nearby city like Kinston. The citizens have a choice in who they vote for to make sure we are represented fairly. As a person who makes up a part of the county, district, or town, the people all

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