Democracy In Australia Essay

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The Australian government and other non-state actors like multinational businesses, the press media and tourists should remain vigilant when interacting or doing business in China. Australia has joined strong allies the US, Japan and other Europe to condemn Chinas human rights violation and its commitment to restore international order on the United National Human Rights Council (Wen, 2017).
In the 21st Century Australia is lobbying to ensure everyone have the same rights, treatment, equality before the law and equality of education, and healthcare, freedom of speech, free to worship and equality of opportunity for global citizens. Australia believes that manner a nation state will treat its citizen will reflect on how that country will
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• Secondly, to encourage the U.S. to play a larger leadership role in the Asia Pacific as well as to provide non-threaten multilateral regional engagement opportunities.

Policy Options • Australia should establish a stronger bilateral relationship with China that reaches beyond economic cooperation to discuss individual countries difference in peaceful dialogues that will promote development, peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific. • Australia should play an active role to strengthen human rights institutions around the world through multilateral agreement. • Thirdly, The U.S need to play an active the Asia Pacific region.


Option 1
In the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 the Australia government is using a different foreign policy approach through bilateral dialogue to discuss Chinas human rights issues. Before the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, the Australia government depended on the UN Commission on Human rights (UNCHR) to help Chinas change its human right policy (Fleay, 2008). The Australia saw the bilateral dialogue more effective because the government could invite the Chinese counterpart behind –closed- doors meetings to discuss individual difference and point of view of human rights issues in the region (Fleay, 2008). The Australia government replaced public form of criticism of the UNCHR resolution to confidential diplomatic talks with China
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