Democracy In North Korea Essay

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Winston Churchill once said “Democracy is the worst form of government on earth except for all the rest.” He’s saying democracy is awful, but then again it’s better than every other type of government that exist. I honestly couldn’t agree more, I think our government is somewhat corrupt and very confusing, but in reality it’s ups than downs compared to other countries. With our democracy “we the people” are free, we have freedom of speech, the press, and religion. In a democracy, no one person has all the power, everyone has the power. In other countries with different governments they don’t have that. Democracy has the best chance to achieve self-freedom.
Democracy is a system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through
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The people of North Korea are poorly treated by their government. They live in poverty and even killed because they do something Kim- Jong Un their leader who’s looked upon like a god, doesn’t believe in. The people have no basic human rights. Circumstances like these does not happen with a democracy. I would obviously live in the U.S. because we get basic rights rather than having none. We don’t get control on everything we do unless you do something that catches citizens and the government attention. With democracy people get freedom, they get to choose who makes the final say for America.
Another example showing that democracy is the best government is in China, the central government there hold an extreme amount of power. It could take a turn downhill fast. This has happened before with Mao Ze Dong. When he was in the Communist army, he was liked by all. But when he became Chairman and President of China, he changed and became a cruel leader who would kill millions of his own people for his own political purposes. This isn’t possible in a democracy, because all the power is equally
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