Democracy In The Dominican Republic

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The strongest of us are the ones who have fallen and risen, the ones that have been damaged and repaired. Our democracy has not only been broken but stolen, and that’s why I strongly believe in the potential of it. I’m reassured that our political system is certainly not at it’s best, but this realization simply means there’s so much potential for it. In the Dominican Republic the framework is a representative democracy where in the elections there is an FPTP method, which simply means that the candidate with the higher amount of votes in the first round wins, also the candidate needs at least a 51% of the votes to win. (Electoral Law 275-97, Dominican Republic). I don’t believe our political system’s fair, neither does it represent the…show more content…
For a country like the Dominican Republic having a single-party governments simply keeps agendas going, if not from the right, from the left. One could also argue how it makes for a stronger and more stable government, in reality the given vote is “the one which is disliked the least” rather than a confident vote, this can make for a theoretical strength but a practical instability. Are people represented here? Fake incentives are not representations, there’s so much people in the country that have so little that they’ll do anything for more, politicians know so, people are manipulated and finally don't understand that they are burying themselves in a hole.

Are we living in a broken political system? We are living in pure corruption, corruption that makes a poor country somehow poorer, a corruption that kills the little hope there is to better ourselves. One of the very big scandals was Odebrecht construction company were it bribed some of the top officials, like the Trade Minister. The Dominican Republic has a bicameral system, this should make inadequate laws somewhat harder to pass,

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