Democracy In The Military Essay

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Democracy, democracy is a well known form of government known through history. When people think democracy they think freedom, that is not the full truth. Democracy is where people are free and form the government and have as much power as the leaders. Most of the time this doesn't happen. The leaders make the larger decisions without the decision of the people. Athens form of government is a democracy, the difference is that athens people that voted were freeborn white male so it's not a complete democracy but it is fundamentally.The point of this paper is how democracy the military needs and the city-states were able to interact and keep peace. The military needs were many things such as the soldiers. The soldiers came from the greek people,…show more content…
The democracy gave the people the choice on whether the military was to move on an opponent.The democracy gave the people to choose what they wanted so that they had what they believed correct. The way they co existed was made hard by the military being a monarchy and at the same point the greeks people were under a democracy. They made compromises because of the common needs of both.Without soldier there is no military and without protection the fall of democracy would come. The social classes made it in by controlling the democracy. There way they interacted fit each other to the tee. Making the greek civilization what they were. Because without one of them the whole system would have fallen apart. The evidence proved part of the things i stated. The large boats that non citizens used to gain citizenship shows how the democracy needed the people by allowing more people to join the civilization. The pottery was used at a ballot or vote showing how the people controlled the democracy. The greek people in the end were doomed to fail but they held out as long as possible. The greeks shows their great smarts by making the whole system live in
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