Democracy Is A System Of Government

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Introduction Democracy means rule by the people or people’s power. It is derived from the ancient Greeks which means the words demos (people) and krates (rule). The word ‘Democracy’ comes from joining two Greek words meaning ‘rule by the people. A system of government by the population of a states, through elected representatives’ .It was coined during Greek history in which the city of Athens formed a government in which all the citizens including king and wealthy men made the laws and they take decisions of the city. It was form government which represents the people. What is Democracy? Democracy is a system of government in which decisions are made by people. The term is used in the context of government in which all citizens have…show more content…
History of democracy: The word democracy represents can be traced back to the Greeks of the sixth century BCE. The Greeks system of government was near to a true democracy or rule by the people. They view dictatorships as the worst form of government, so their system was exactly opposite. To form such system many people were viewing on what type of government should be formed. Then it comes the system oligarchy which means the rule by a small group of people which identified by virtue, intelligence and have leadership qualities. First it was regarded by Plato which was thought that it was tyrannical way to rule the people. The Ancient Greeks era of Democracy: Athenians Democracy: The people of the city states of Athens around 2500 years ago in ancient Greece formed a way that was totally different from the past governments. They were different from the autocratic system which means that a government where one person or small groups make the discussions which represents the people. The citizens were not influence in the decisions. Athens were allowed to use the properties like government offices and courts. It was the first city state which was given permission to use the properties. They were allowed to speak and they can vote in the assembly. The assembly was formed which sets the laws of the city state. But it was not true democracy. The Athenian women were not include as well as foreigners, slaves or freed slaves. The rule was formed in which it includes
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