Democracy Is An Imperfect System

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In the Year of Our Lord two thousand and fourteen, Texas will have a new governor. The incumbent Rick Perry has decided not to run for reelection. At the end of his current term, he will have been governor just shy of fourteen years. That is a long time. A man can only take so many slings and arrows, metaphorical or not. Now the governors office enters a new era, it will be the first open election for governor since 1990. The republican and democratic primaries have come and gone. Our choices are vanilla and less vanilla. Less vanilla is in the eye of the beholder. It would be nice if we could get rocky road or butter pecan. Democracy is an imperfect system, so we get imperfect candidates. Maybe some day we will get there, but today we work with what we have. The republican candidate is Greg Abbott, attorney general of Texas. The democratic candidate is Wendy Davis, a state senator from Forth Worth. Both won primaries handily, though Mr. Abbott won by a greater margin. Texas is a “red” state, which means that it is generally conservative or republican. This means that Ms. Davis has an uphill battle to win a statewide election. But a person more highly paid than me once said, “this is why we play the games”. Wendy Russell Davis (born Wendy Jean Russell May 16, 1963) is a white female from Rhode Island. Her family moved to Texas in 1974. In 1986, she graduated from paralegal school. From there she went to Texas Christian University, where she earned a degree in English and
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