Democracy Is Not An Exception

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Over the last century, voting turnouts in western democratic countries have been constantly declining. The UK, which is regarded as the birthplace of modern democracy, is not an exception. As Peter Dahlgren mentions, democracy is for and about its citizens, and therefore a certain degree of civic involvement is a necessary and sufficient condition for its prosperity (2009, 14p) If the lower level of participation in democracy continues, the word democracy, originated from demos (the people) in Greek, should be changed to elite-carcy or pauci-cracy. In order to retain a higher level of participation in democracy, some Habermasian scholars focus on interactive new media, such as social media and user generated content channels, which enable people to simultaneously communicate one to many and many to many. Without physically meeting altogether at the same time, people can freely express their own ideas on certain issues, instead of receiving information provided by traditional media. According to the their idea in favor of social media as a booster of democratic engagement, it would interweave fragmented individuals on cyberspace, then this organized public might be a driving force for democratic involvement. However, opponents say that there might be some obscure correlation between the use of social media and participation in democratic activities. In this essay, I will investigate two ideas. Firstly, Will new media really lead to more participation in most
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