Democracy Is the Worst Form of Government

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This essay will critically state how democracy is the worst type of government, but before we do this let us be familiar with the whole process of democracy. Looking at the history of democracy or example “In Ancient Anthens in the fifth and fourth centuries before Christ, this gave us the word democracy (rule by the common people) the people in this case did not include women and slaves, both were believed to be naturally inferior to male citizens” (Mayo 1960: 36) but since thence then democracy has developed and seems to accommodate all the citizens whether they are males or females. What we have to understand now is what democracy is in nowadays? What it means? The forms of democracy and what democracy involves. Democracy is difficult …show more content…
The early point for a democratic government is with you and me the citizens. Democratic government is required to protect citizens from the abuse of power and acts as referee while citizens pursue their daily routines or own interests. We have rights that cannot be taken away by government even If the government had to change the rights will always be there to protect us. The foundation for representative democracy is or the represented to experience equality and freedom for this to happen the constitution plays a very vital and important role.
Democracy proves to be of some good but in my opinion it is the worst form o government and to critically discuss this statement I will for example use South Africa, a democratic state that I live in. From all what we now know about democracy. Democracy and market capitalism have a strict relationship in that they cannot be separated from each other (as mentioned earlier) in market capitalist economy the economy belong to the individuals or enterprises and not to the state so If this is so and If democracy goes hand in hand with market capitalism then the capitalist benefit and become more rich whilst the poor remain poor and even more poorer. Private ownership in South Africa is evident the owners rom rich countries get richer and
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