Democracy Murders Itself: Is John Adams Correct? Essay

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Democracy while it lasts long is bloodier than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide - John Adams Dictatorship; a rule with just one person or a few of them controlling the country may sound like a regime with less chaos and corruption. Despite such a promising scenario I tend not to agree with John Adams statement. It’s not democracy that dies off, rather it is dictatorship that fails to survive. And the dictator sees his failure when people want their voice to be heard, problems to be solved, rights to be served and freedom and equality to be the main focus of leadership.
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Who could imagine a son of black father and white mother; Muslim father and Christian mother and yet become the president of America. This can only happen in democracy! Nations like us who tend to follow the pedigree, noble caste and family background continue to lag behind. In our country we are still in the shackles of ‘baradry’ system. Any person how capable he may be cannot come up without money and support of power corridors. If true democracy is allowed to prosper in our country, no superpower can dare to send drones for killing innocent people in the name of collateral damage. No Army General can come on television and say that from today onwards I’m the master of your destiny. But the democracy too has its limitations. In somebody’s words, “In democracy the heads are counted and not the brains.” Yes, if the donkeys are allowed to choose their leader they will not look towards horse. Why it is failing in countries like us and prospering in Europe and America. It is the literacy rate which plays a pivotal role. In third world countries, a common man knows that the slogans of the leaders are hollow yet he goes and castes vote for that leader just in the greed of very petty matters. The leader after assuming powers forgets his people but the voter continues to support that leader. In developed countries, a small move in the wrong direction by the leader can pull him
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