Democracy Now : Abolish The Electoral College

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Democracy Now: Abolish the Electoral College As citizens we owe it to the people and voters who have given and sacrificed for the right to vote to make sure that every single vote is counted and equal. We need to ensure that a vote cast in one state is equal to the vote of citizens in any other state. We need to become a true democracy. “The presidency is the only office in America where the candidate who wins the most votes can still lose the election. There isn’t any elected office in the Nation, be it county, City, State, or national level, where this is true. The person who gets more votes — one person, one vote — wins, but that is not true in the presidential election” (Congressional Digest, 19). As Americans our votes are not…show more content…
“The Constitution’s framers chose a unique and complex method of selecting the president, one that clearly violates fundamental tenets of political equality and majority rule” (Edwards, 78). There were concerns that information could not travel across state lines. There was a concern that States would put forward their candidates above a national candidate and put regional interests ahead of national ones. There was also a concern that smaller states would be overshadowed and overwhelmed by states with larger populations. Although the country only had a population of 4 million when the framers first decided to outline the electoral system it would be a daunting task to implement a system of popular vote. “Aside from modest statutory changes, the Electoral College has not been structurally changed by Constitutional amendment since 1804” (Miller, 61). The times have changed and now democracy is possible. It makes no sense to have a country which is constantly growing and evolving be stuck so thoroughly in the past. There is a national education system that creates informed voters. With all the various forms of media information can be easily disseminated quickly across the entire nation. The nation can and will come together if given an opportunity. Let’s take a quick look at how the Electoral College works. Each state and the District of Columbia are allotted electors equal to the number of members

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