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Bayarchimeg Tsolmon
POS 112 American Government
Professor: Dr. Moon Park
Term Paper
Is United States of America a Democratic country?
Democracy has been defined as a government structure which people are involved in decision making about it either directly or through by the representatives whom they have chosen by open vote. In a perfect sensing world ideal of perfect democracy could be described as all citizens are well informed in every topics of issues occurring around them such as human abuse, employment issue, foreign politics, and economy. Everyone can voice their opinion strongly on the issues and not disregard them because it is not a personal problem to them. Media and politicians would work together to inform
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All of this is can shed a little light on how the political system in the U.S is bit mingled.
In conclusion, reaching to an absolute verdict of what system U.S really has and whether if it is truly a country that pride itself on democracy or not, seem to be slightly complicated. U.S is truly a great nation with huge population, with that said every opinion of every citizen can differ. Even with all those research and official studies of definition of the system, it will meet with great deal of criticism since all people cannot reach the same decision.

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