Democracy, Peace, And The Well Being Of Citizens

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Democracy represents freedom, peace, and the well-being of citizens
As Secretary of the State, a member of the President’s Cabinet and National Security Council, the President should promote western democracy to other countries because the more countries become a democracy more peace will be created for the world. In other words, this will display the meaning of the Democratic Peace Theory. As a matter of fact, this creates less problems and threats for the U.S such as fewer enemies and potential military threats, which will enhance our U.S National Security. In addition, those who are in favor of spreading Democracy are making their citizens safer and are likely to be allied to the U.S. As a result, the use of military power will be lowered if countries have similar political systems as the U.S. However, countries such as China, Russia, Cuba, Arabian countries, and Islamic States who are against western democracy policies are getting into conflicts with the U.S. To begin with, western democracy policies has made the U.S more of a peaceful country because after the Civil War, the country was able to unite once again. Not only has the U.S become more peaceful but also a country with liberty which democracy provides for the people, which is a positive outcome of western democracy. In addition, sharing democracy similarities will be safe for the U.S and countries because it’ll help them reduce terrorism and terrorist attacks because countries will be able to lookout for
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