Democracy : The Best Political System

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Democracy is often portrayed as the best political system because it allows everybody to vote, and to have an opinion, regardless of social status. This is often misused when people assume what the majority wants is what everybody needs the most. Or that since everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, then all opinions are equal and there is no way one claim can be worse or better than any other claim.

In reality, the rule of majority is simply promoting the most favorable option. The results of a poll or an election do not give you the right answer, they give you the answer most believe is the most suitable. The rule of majority is simply aiming to satisfy as many people as it can by assuming the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Which is a pretty big misconception, since what you want is not always what you need and specialists who know more about a subject never outnumber those who know close to nothing.

Circlejerking is the result of a group of people with very similar beliefs promoting a very specific agenda through the illusion of majority. Of course and you will be agreeing on everything if you are part of a group with same-minded people. This is also what gives the illusion of popularity as an indicator of quality. The more people agree on something the better said something appears to be.

Anyone who doesn’t know much about said something but otherwise wants to be accepted within a group, ends up adopting the rule of majority and jumps on the
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