Democracy: The Struggle that Is and How to Fix It

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For the past semester, I have been involved in a class that was focused on exploring the world of democracy. Going into this class, like many, I was convinced that democracy was a cut and clear issue. I believed that democracy was a shining beacon in the world of government, and I never really gave a second thought to it. Through the times of this course however, I have come to truly understand the make up of democracy and where it came from. The real issue that is had within democracy is the actual implementation and execution of the system. The people are the main power force in a democracy. As far as principle is concerned, the citizens run the democracy for the purpose of the well being of the population. When many people are entitled to have an opinion, many problems do ensue. People are not wired in a way to compromise in every situation. And when your government is reliant on people agreeing to compromise, it is clear to see that this system will not be efficient. But, democracy offers its citizens incentives and rewards that more top-heavy styles of government cannot. Democracy is a struggle, but it is the job of the people to cook up the effort to give the system the fair chance of survival that it needs. This course started out by looking at the most prolific liberal thinkers in history, the first amongst these philosophers was John Locke. Locke was an Englishman who had enough time and money to sit back and ponder upon such matters as politics. One of
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