Democracy Vs. Dictatorship In The United States

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“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting” (Charles Bukowski). When considering the type of government to run a country, one must analyze the pros and cons of each. The United States government claims to be driven by representation, but is this really true? Does America defend their assertions? Do the people really make the decisions or is that just what the government tells us? On the other hand, the Philippines were controlled and regulated entirely by a dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. Through his corruption and power he was able to forcefully govern the economy and impose his philosophy on the people. Is this method…show more content…
As addressed earlier, democracy serves the country based on representation of the population. This means that citizens make decisions on certain issues and are represented by their delegates on other difficulties. However, there is a great controversy if this really the greatest arrangement of government. Firstly, many voters are uneducated and vote on problems that they have no knowledge about and put the populace in great danger. For example, when choosing a president to lead the nation, many registered voters don’t do proper research on the delegates’ platforms and make their choices based on irrelevant information. Additionally, it is very difficult to properly count all the votes and announce the winner. Therefore, many times numbers are fathomed or altered to benefit a specific candidate and the general public is not really being represented. On the other hand, dictatorships also have many problems. For one, leaders with absolute power abolish any voice of the individuals of society and consequently policies usually benefit the men on top. Even leaders who intend to support their citizens are usually affected by the great power they have and become very controlling and
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