Democracy and Capitalism Essay

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Democracy and Capitalism Those who live in America enjoy freedom because America is a democratic nation in which the people hold the power. Is this statement truly a reality? One must consider the fact the United States is also a capitalist society and this has changed the face of democracy. Can we honestly say that the citizens of the United States hold the power when we consider the actual state of the political system? Upon closer examination, it appears that the majority of decisions made in this country are based in the interest of capitalism. From corporate funding for political candidates to the monopoly of ourinformation systems, the current political system in America is deeply rooted in capitalism which has taken …show more content…

Presently, the political arena is one where the influence of capitalism is apparent because money seems to be a driving force behind the scene. If we lived in a democracy, running for president would be open to everyone, not just to those who can afford to spend millions on their campaigns. This need for money to gain an edge as a candidate demonstrates the connection between government and business. Candidates need financial backing from companies, creating a situation in which candidates feel obligatedto makesure they do everything in their power to meet the needs of the companies. This political to corporate connection puts power in the hands of those who financially support the candidate, not to those who vote for the candidate.

"There is a common understanding that a strong connection exists between mass communication and democracy" (O'Neil, 1999, p. 1). The connection is that for a democracy to function there must be open access to information. Without the existence of alternative viewpoints people would not be able to make informed decisions, therefore, it couldn't be considered a real democracy. In America we are given the right to freedom of the press, which is supposed to insure that we will have access to several viewpoints. In a society where capitalism and corporations
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