Democracy and Majoritarianism

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Democracy and how the government is run are behind theories. Majoritarianism is a theory of what both political scientist and ordinary citizens think the democracy should be. Unfortunately this is known as a poor way to find out data for elections through pulling data from Americans that may not be interested in politics or are unaware of the system. “Elite theory holds that society is ruled by small number of people who exercise power to further their own self-interest” (Schmidt, Shelley, & Bardes, 2011). Elite theory is known as the American system. People prefer to have their country ran by elite people verse privileged minorities. The politics in pluralism can become a struggle for some and conflicts may be accommodated through…show more content…
I feel that statement is not true. I feel that the elite theory best describes our American system. Our leaders have been recruited from the top at all aspects of our society and in our government. Not only through mass media, elections, debates, and theories, our leaders have been voted upon to lead us through what in hopes the majority of our nation wants. Our elite people such as our president, high ranking military officers, and key cabinet members prides themselves on democracy and always react in their best interest to support their key ideas and what they believe is what needs to be done effectively and efficiently in our system of government at the time.
I am one person that I have to say that I am not educated on our political system. I am part of the statistics that I do not know who my running leader for congress, school systems, and other offices. It is unfortunate that I have not had an interest in politics. As I have aged I realize that it is important for me to understand how our government and political systems work as it impacts me and now my kids as well. I can honestly say that I have only voted one time for our president and that was around 10+ years ago and just recently I voted for some community chairs who I did not know anything about. I definitely can say that the people I surround myself with have impacted me on my choices when it comes to voting. I need to be more aware
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