Democracy and Political Development in Pakistan

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Thesis statement Due to the continuous political instability and recurring military interventions in decision making, Pakistan is far from witnessing a healthy and democratic political system in the near future. Introduction On the international scene, states have been struggling to obtain their independence and sovereignty. But the biggest threat that arises after accomplishing independence is the way the government rules, the standards it follows and the goals it sets. This is when a new journey begins where the government searches for the best system that suits the country and satisfies the different sections of its population. Most of the states adopt democracy to be the dominant process in politics. But each state has its own…show more content…
The discrimination of women under Zia’s rule increased; for example in case of a rape, four witnesses should be provided or else the rape would be reported as adultery and thus a woman could be whipped if the act was seen as adultery . This type of ruling is certainly far from democracy. Even if a certain religion was imposed to be the formal religion of the state, other or different people should not be banned from practicing their own religious beliefs. Furthermore, women should definitely be seen and treated as equal to men. The idea of considering women to be inferior and less important than men and treating them according to that basis shows that the state is not headed towards democracy but still separates between its people. The rule of Zia shows that the difference in treating people and preventing them from doing what they want does not promote democracy. His rule of a sort of dictatorship over his population and they had to follow the rules in order to escape the harsh consequences and punishments. General Zia didn’t want to leave power and in order to achieve his goal; he initiated the referendum of 1984 asking his population whether they wish Pakistan to be an Islamic state. But the issue was that the question was asked in a very complicated way, especially for those uneducated rural people; it was a loaded question and affirmative answer would result in a five year term for General Zia as the president of Pakistan . The

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