Democracy in 17th and 18th Century Europe

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~Democracy in 17th & 18th Century Europe~ Olivia­Opening statement: Democracy is essentially a type of government that splits ruling power among multiple people. This prohibits the idea of absolute rule to occur. Throughout history, many people such as John Locke, Aristole, and Montesquieu have influenced the growth of a government that doesn't allow absolute control. In several instances throughout time, it can be seen that absolutism was in fact not the best option because it resulted in an inevitable failure in a monarch. Ashlyn: Baron de Montesquieu Wrote The Spirit of Laws, his most famous work, emphasising the importance of seperation of powers. He said French Society was divided into ‘trias politica’ the monarchy,…show more content…
When Parliament refused to supply Charles I with the funds, he had members arrested for treason against the crown. The subjects of the English Crown split into two groups, Royalists (Cavaliers) who supported King Charles I and the Parliamentarians (Roundheads) who supported Parliament. . The war cost England 3.7% of their population, Scotland 6% and Ireland 41%. This could have been avoided if power was spread equally throughout the government as a democracy would have ensured. However all authority was centered in the king. So instead of Parliament talking about the issue and coming to an educated and thoroughly considered conclusion about whether England should supply money for a war, they said no to finance a war simply because the King and Parliament had disagreed in the past. King Charles I hastily decided to wage war and cost innumerable lives ARISTOTLE­ Mary McClure ­Aristotle: a Greek philosopher, student of Plato, teacher of Alexander the Great. Basically, this dude knows his stuff. ­He argues that of all the governments, the one in which the majority rule (AKA democracy) is the best Jackson, Alex, Dylan: Revolutions/Bad Monarchs Olivia­Closing statement: Overall the points highlighted through this, prove how much more efficient and effective a government with split power becomes. Absolutism in no way, is effective because
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