Democracy in America

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Democracy in America Democracy is the type of government that America uses every day. In America, democracy is in control as of now. People have their own opinion if America is successful as a Democracy or not. Democracy has meaning, and multiple values. Democracy a certain type of system a government uses to abide by. This government’s values are meant to please the American citizens, and their needs. Democracy looks different to the types of citizens that make up the American society. The multiple values that make up democracy define the country in this time period. Democracy is a type of government used in different countries, including America. A Democracy is a system of government by the populations of a state, through elective representatives (Kloppenberg 1). “In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority” (“What is Democracy?” 1). Democracy is made up of values just like other ideology in different countries. There are many vales that are the factors of Democracy, but four mainly make democracy in America what it is today, the home of the free. “A Democracy has four values, it is a political system that is for choosing or replacing government fair, causes people to be active citizens, protects human rights, and the laws apply equal to all citizens” (“What is Democracy?” 1). One of the greatest values of democracy is the way voting is taken in America. “Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to
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