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The topic of democracy in China is a highly controversial topic. Although China has not democratised, it has done well in the global situation amongst its democratic competitors. Since the path to democracy is different for each country, we cannot expect that China would follow the same path or same model of democracy as the western nations. This essay will look at what democracy is and how it can be placed in a Chinese context as well as looking at the proponents and opponents of democracy in China. It will also look at whether China is democratising by focusing on village elections, globalisation and the emergence of a civil society. These specific topics were chosen because they will help provide good evidence and
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The idea behind ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people’, is that the government exists to benefit the citizens of the state and not those in power. Elections are central to democracies in the West, but electoral turnout is not that high. Furthermore, problems with the legitimacy of the government in democratic systems can be seen in the case of Italy. The government is in a constant state of change and suffers a legitimacy crisis. Therefore, it posses the question of why would democracy in China be regarded as a vital thing when many of those in the West do not even exercise their basic democratic right to vote.

The idea of democarcy in China
The idea of democracy in China is different from democracy in the West. Democracy is not a word that is traditionally part of the Chinese culture or philosophy. The closest translation of democracy to Chinese is the word ‘minzhu’. The want for democracy in China stems from the citizens wanting more freedom and more individual rights. As Pei, (1998), states “...the Chinese political system has not only remained repressive and undemocratic but has become a threat to the world’s democracies” (Pei, 1998:68).
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