Democracy in Pakistan

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Democracy:-Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Pakistan got Independence in 1947 and appeared on the world map as a Islamic Republic State. To get independent state idea was entirely based on to form the Islamic society so that its people can spend their lives in the light of Islamic principles and they can orientate the future polity, economy and mode of governance of the country.

It was a matter of grave misfortune that soon after independence we lost Quaid-e-Azam founder of Pakistan who was perhaps the only one capable leader who knew the means of true democracy, after him
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In Bhutto’s regime most big industries like steel, chemical, cement were nationalized. Despite of some decision which was not in the favour of Pakistan still Bhutto period concluded as the successive period in the history of democratic Pakistan's government as during his tenure there was absolute fall in poverty from 46.50% by the end of military rule to 30.78% by 1979-1980. During his Leadership Bhutto also faced a high scale criticism from his opponents. Finally he was thrown in 1977 by Gen Zia ul haq imposed the third Martial law. Bhutto was executed in 1979 after Supreme Court of Pakistan sentenced him to death for authorising the murder of political opponent in a move that many believe was done under the directives of General zia ul Haq.

Gen Zia held out solemn promise to establish Islamic democracy in the country within 90 days but continued to rule in the country as an absolute autocrat for number of years. He only promoted cult of sectarianism and extremism in the name of Islam that was to curse the social, political and religious life of the nation during the coming years. During his tenure he could not spell out a word that what he meant by Islamic democracy. In December 1984

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