Democracy in The Middle East Essay

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The imposing of liberal democracy into foreign states and in particular into the Middle East would not necessarily create peace due to their cultural and geographical context. From a westernised perspective we may heavily associate the nature of democracy with peace but the history of international relations and theory has continue to show that this is definitely not the case. The Democratic Peace Theory itself contains weakness and vulnerabilities due to its reliance on ‘casual logic’ (Layne 1994, Pg. 13) lacking of detailed explanations. When considering peace as a direct outcome of liberal democracy it is vital to comprehend that peace does not only involve in international relations between states but also in terms internal strife …show more content…
If democracy was to be imposed onto states in Middle East to conclude conflict, the eventual result would be collaboration to revert back into their cultural political standing of sovereignty which for the Germans was monarch rule due to the lack of existing democratic traditions that the United States, France and England previously developed. The effects of replacing the monarchy tradition of Germany with a democracy by the League of Nations reveal that democracy does not provide society with peaceful social norms but rather that existing social norms and cultures that determine the acceptability of democracy in their society. The after effect of the Treaty of Versailles is a classic example that the forced adoption of democracy to a foreign state will not create peace and instead would produce internal strife due to oppression and aggression towards their institution that enforced this artificial democracy like the League of Nations compared to the contemporary United Nations.
In a more comprehensive investigation of the Weimar Republic with the Democratic Peace Theory, the particular belief that democratic governments would not attack of pose as a

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