Democratic Leadership : Advance Practise Nursing

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Democratic Leadership In Advance Practise Nursing
Seynor Massalee Kennedy
South University

Democratic Leadership In Advance Practise Nursing
Professional leadership comprises of mentoring, empowering and participating actively in organizations. The APN, as an effective leader should be able to collaborate with team members, mentored and be mentor and provide empowerment (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady, 2014). Authoritarian, Democratic and Delegative are the three styles of leaderships. Authoritarian leaders focus on control and command , Democratic leaders focus on guidance and encouraging input, while Delegative leaders focus on independence with minimal or no guidance ( Psychology, n.d.).
After completing the leadership quiz, my leadership style is Democratic, also know as a participative leader. Psychology. (n.d.), defined Democratic leaders as a leadership style that is often the most effective because, this leader encourages input from team members during decision making , although the final decision is made by the leader. This is an accurate description of my leadership style. When there is a conflict, the writer often tried to collaborate with the team to find a solution. Although, the writer usually make the final decision, getting input from team members gives the situation a broader perspective. This style often found to be effective because, in order to have goals accomplished, everyone has to work as a team,

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