Democratic Leadership Advantages

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• Benefits of democratic leadership: Democratic leadership style has a large amount of creative ideas at its disposal due to large and diverse input of ideas by various members of the organization. Thus democratic leadership has an advantage of generating better ideas and creative solutions to the problems of the organization. There is a satisfaction among the employees of being more involved with the process, which leads to better productivity in the organization. • Downsides of democratic style: Even though democratic leadership style has been touted as the most effective leadership style, it has a few potential downsides. If the roles of the group member are undefined, democratic leadership may lead to communication failure. Also, when quick decisions are required to be made, democratic leadership does not work efficiently. Transformational leadership style: James McGregor Burns defines transformational leadership in his book, ‘‘Leadership’’ as a process in which ‘leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation’. In this type of leadership, the leaders identify the needed change with their subordinates, and thus create a vision to carry out the change by inspiring the organization towards the change. Transformational leadership inspires the workers to find better methods to achieve a goal. Transformational leaders have excellent rapport with the members of the organization. Thus it improves the morale of all the members of the
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