Democratic Leadership Style

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Democratic Leadership Style Democratic leadership style is also referred to as participative leadership. This is because all employees and organizational members have an equal say in the administrative decisions affecting their lives. The style values affirmation and collaboration of members and candidates. Democratic leadership allows equal participation of people in reposing, developing and creating laws. Democratic style can be described as an institutionalized principle because it applies social order and cooperation in the management of the human behaviour. Institutions managed through democratic style are chosen depending on the permanence and social order. The style transcends the individual human lives and intentions through…show more content…
The democratic process is characterized by free and fair elections. Democratic elections are governed by electoral rules. The elective rights are characterized by eligibility and suffrage i.e. the freedom to run for an elective post and the right to participate in voting. Democratic style is most effective when the leader is willing to keep employees informed on matters affecting their welfare (Caruso and Mayer, 2004; Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2002; Spector, (2005)). The style is necessary when it is necessary for employees to share problem-solving and decision-making duties. The style is also effective when the leader is willing to develop a sense of personal progress and job satisfaction. Enormous or complex problems may require the intervention of democratic solutions for them to be ardently solved. The style is perfect when the leader is planning to encourage team building and participative role play among employees. However, democratic leadership style should not be applied when the time is not sufficient to include everyone’s input. According to Grint (2005), democratic decisions are not suitable if the managers can easily and cost-effectively make decisions. It is also not advisable for the leaders to apply the style if they feel threatened by the democratic leadership
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