Democratization Of The United States

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Does people with criminal records should have the right to vote? My answer is NO. However, with the development of industrial society and modern technology, the continuous improvement of the degree of rationalization, democratization becomes a non-stop inverse trend. In developed countries democratization process, they always emerge situation repeatedly, along with the democratization of instability and recession. How to achieve democratization, and how to grasp the path of democratization, have became an unavoidable problem. Take a look at the process of democratization of the United States, we found that the democratization of experience that can help our political development. The most important aspect of democratization that electoral rights of citizens, the paper intends to investigate American citizens the right to vote of the development process. Evolution of American citizens the right to vote, can be divided into three stages: the strict restrictions on colonial suffrage, universal suffrage established in the 19th century period, extension of the suffrage of the 20th century. The first stage is Restricted colonial suffrage. During the early state of the colonial, the population was small, and needed the revitalization of the colony, they established a new authority. So the early colonies did not to restrict the right to vote. However, with the expansion of the size of the colony, and gradually qualify for the right to vote, parliamentary elections were required
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