Democrats And Republicans Essay

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Politics; a single word that can ignite a firestorm of emotions. This simple word can cause colleagues, friends, and even family to debate about what they feel is right, and in certain circumstances, can even cause hatred. In our government, there are two primary political parties, the Democrats, and the Republicans. Both have conflicting views on many topics. In this passage, I will compare, and contrast their views on size of government, abortion, and gun ownership, while trying not to display any bias on my political interpretations.

First, let us look at how each party views the size of government. In general, Republicans tend to view government as intrusive, whereas Democrats view the government as needing to provide for its citizens. An example of this is entitlements, most Republicans feel that entitlements are draining our economic system of its global power, while Democrats feel entitlements are necessary to sustain an equal system that provides for both the rich, and the poor. Furthermore, there is the topic of health care, Democrats believe that health care is a right, and should be provided by the government, however, Republicans believe that the health care system should be privatized,
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The Democrats and the Republicans have always had varying views on several topics. I only chose to cover three topics in this passage, size of government, abortion, and gun ownership, but I encourage everyone to research all the varying views each party has. Our government may be controlled buy these two political parties, but it is our duty as citizens to elect these officials, and for us to hold them accountable for their actions. Politics are one of the most passionate reasons our society struggles. We see it every day on TV, read about it in the newspaper, and even discuss it at the dinner table. Take some time to reflect on your personal views, and research which party you best align
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