Democrats and Republicans: Is There a Difference? Essay

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Everyone has heard the following words at one time or another "Democrats are liberal, while Republicans are Conservative". Is this really true? In order to resolve this question, two questions must be answered, what do the two terms mean? What is liberal and what is Conservative? Some Democrats are conservative and some Republicans are liberal. In this time of turmoil, Democrats and Republicans must work together to promote the common welfare.
What exactly is liberalism? According to Sidlow (2013), liberalism is the belief that "big government" is necessary for the promotion of the common good (p.16). Without government action, many social and economic outcomes for many people would turn out badly. In other words, without
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There were sit-ins and other acts of civil disobedience. It seemed as if the younger generations were trying to be heard by an uncaring government that was sending them overseas to be killed and maimed for a government policy. These young people wanted their share of the American dream too, and it did not involve going to fight in a war on foreign soil. They were revolting against the traditional government, with such slogans as" Don't trust anyone over thirty", coined by Jack Weinberg, an American student activist leader in the 1960s (Deis, 2009). This was construed to mean don't trust the government.
What did Republicans do for American culture? The Republicans have realized that where they are in deficit is in the area of pop culture. In the last election, candidate Romney failed most in the area of pop culture. He was out of touch with mainstream America, who watched "Modern Family". This is when Republicans realized that they neeeded to shrink the pop culture gap if they wanted to win.
What was the ideology of the Democratic party? Individual liberty, limited government intervention and free market were among the most important tenants of the Democratic party. The welfare of the population was valued, therefore two liberal and still operating policies, Social Security and Medicare, came from Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal policy (Sidlow, 2013, p.16). They were believed to be necessary for the good

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