Democrats vs. Republicans Essay

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Democrat’s vs Republicans In the United States there are only two main political parties to choose from. The two main parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. There are also many other political parties to choose from which are called third parties. Third parties may include political parties such as the Socialist Equality Party and the Peace and Equality party. People can choose to be a part of any party they want but most go with the common two main parties the Democrats and Republicans. Democrats and Republicans have many similarities and differences. These mainly occur in international, social, economic, and domestic issues. Economics is the study of currency and how it is made and distributed through our economy. Taxation is …show more content…
Then comes the issue of campaign finance the two parties have different thoughts on this issue. The Democrats think that something should be done to eliminate the influence of lobbyists and special interests in our political parties (“Democrats Unveil”). The Republicans want to fight this by adding a new constitutional amendment while republicans support this saying that it is supported by our right to free speech (“Democrats Unveil”). They are trying to change this policy because they both want to help cleanse the political system of corruption. But even though the two parties both disagree on both things they each have their own ways they want it done. Social Issues include topics like gay rights, abortion, social services, and women’s rights. The topic abortion is really a touchy subject but the Democrats believe that abortion is a woman’s right and they should have the choice to do so if they want but the Republicans strongly disagree and think that it should be illegal even if the child is a product of a rape victim or incest. (“Democrats Unveil”) They disagree because people have different thoughts and morals they follow and to certain people that’s almost just as bad as murder and they can’t afford a bad image to lose votes even if it makes certain people happy. Gay marriage is another important issue. The Democrats support gay rights because they believe that everyone should have equal rights including
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