Democritus of Abdera and the Discovery of the Atom

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Since the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus of Abdera first discovered the atom, man’s interest in the atom has only increased as studies of it continued. Reaching its pivotal point of advancement during WW2, as Einstein's work was finally put into practice as scientists from the U.S detonate the first nuclear weapon, which unintentionally, later ushers in a cold war. After the cold war, the development of nuclear power leads to serious complications as several units fail, making people question its use in modern day society. Democritus of Abdera was a greek philosopher born around 460 BC, a cheerful and blissful man. He was one of the two founding fathers of the Atomic Theory. His thought process on the theory, was that matter was comprised of tiny building particles called atoms. This theory was widely questionable at this time. As people were not very well accustomed with accepting new ideas, and/or new concepts of philosophy and science. This theory was only partially correct, and as scientist of the more modern age began to look deeper into Democritus’s work, they begin to make new theories and hypothesize new ideas about the atom. Which later on, would lead to the development of the atomic theory and the most accurate description of the atom with the work of Niels Bohr. Nearly 2000 years forward, past the philosophies of Democritus, Bohr, and other atomic theorists, the bloodshed of World War 2 hit its peak. The United States of America was caught in a two

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