Demographic Analysis Of Walmart

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1. Population demographics Based on the textbook’s knowledge, demographics includes some characteristics such as size, growth rate, and age distribution for different sectors of the population. The most important factor that affects Walmart or the retailing industry is how buyers spend their income. In my opinion, Walmart do not need to worry about this too much, because goods that Walmart selling to its customers are daily essentials goods. It doesn’t matter how much money that people is going to spend, they must save a portion of their money for living expense, which helps retailing industry generate revenue. Although there are many rival companies on the market, it still attracting a vast majority of customers in different ages shopping at Walmart, due to its advantage of the price. Walmart also have a clear retail store opening strategy for earning as much market share as it can, which means it will fit any size of the growing population in any area all over the world. 2. Economic Conditions After experiencing the great recession caused the economic crisis in 2008, the entire world’s economy is growing slowly. For domestic economic environment, the inflation rate is under control, and the price of essential goods didn’t change too much during last two or three years. Moreover, The Unites States is leading in GDP while the unemployment rate is keep dropping since 2010, which means people in the States will have enough money on their purchasing daily essential goods. For
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